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Love Live! Collection 1 [18+!]

I regret nothing…. huhu

Oh my guilty pleasure~


Artist: アシトリス Couple: TsubasaxHonokaxKotori

Artist: アシトリス
Couple: TsubasaxHonokaxKotori


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Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time… there was a Yuri tale….

Oh, have anyone watched Maleficent yet ^^?

I’m in love with Maleficent ♥♥♥

Disney sure is a hidden Yuri fandom. I knew it :)).

Artist:  Couple: Evil Queen & Maleficent

Artist: Bazneko20145 @ Weibo
Couple: Evil Queen & Maleficent

Yuri Collections 13

One more week and summer is coming soooon ≧V≦


  • Artist: iiioookkkaaa

Couple: Mokou & Keine

Couple: Mokou & Keine


Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia




































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[Love Live!] Makipana (amkt提督)

Suddenly, I find that Maki and Hanayo make such a cute couple (≧◡≦)

Viva for Maki’s harem (≧▽≦)~

P.S: Makipana was named for MakixHanayo couple!

Art: amkt提督 (PIXIV ID 901164)

Trans: Mai88



[Strike Witches] Good Morning (Kisetsu)

What a bloody morning, Shirley *wink wink*

P.S: Happy for 100th post in WP ♥

Art: Kisetsu (PIXIV ID 317823)

Trans: Solamarle (Danbooru Fairy)



Yuri Collections 12

My gifts for my good friend – Mai88. Happy birthday ^0^ ♥~

Artist: らむ Pairing: MarisaxAlice

Artist: らむ
Pairing: MarisaxAlice

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Yuri Collections 11

Happy Yuri weekend ♥~

Anime: Kill Me Baby!

Pairing: Sonya x Yasuna

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Yuri Collections 9 – 18+

I’m in good mood tonight (▰˘◡˘▰)

I wish I’m always in good mood, so my blog will be full of 18+ ahahaha ┐( ̄▽ ̄)┌  *j/k*

Pairing: Maria x Her Crush Artist:

Pairing: Maria x Her Crush

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[Touhou] EiByaku 4koma [Ougi (Ihayasaka)]

You will never see any couple like EiByaku ^^

Art & story by Ougi (Ihayasaka).



[K-On!] Yui and Peace (shin yandamushi)

Looks like someone has fallen in love with this carefree smile xD.

Art & story by Shin Yandamushi.