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Princesses In Love…. (18+!)

It’s such a long time to post a new Yuri (18+) oneshot….

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Non-stop – 18+!

An early Christmas gift. Enjoy my friends~ 58.

Artist: Murai Shinobu [PIXIV ID 91989]
Couple: Elsa x Anna 


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Elsanna Vampire is the Hottest – 18+!

…And it looks like I’m in love with my sins 037

Who can resist Elsanna’s charm?

Warning not warning ┐( ̄▽ ̄)┌!!!

Art: くそつむ (PIXIV ID 457137)
Couple: Elsa x Anna (Frozen Disney)

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“I love your hands…” – 18+!

After watching World Cup with my family, I accidentally found these Elsanna [R18] strips on Danbooru.

I really burst out laughing when read these strips. I’m laughing not because it’s funny, but because it’s deeply right in my feels, indeed.

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Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time… there was a Yuri tale….

Oh, have anyone watched Maleficent yet ^^?

I’m in love with Maleficent ♥♥♥

Disney sure is a hidden Yuri fandom. I knew it :)).

Artist:  Couple: Evil Queen & Maleficent

Artist: Bazneko20145 @ Weibo
Couple: Evil Queen & Maleficent

Congraz, ElsAnna ♥!!!

Congraz, Frozen and ElsAnna won BAFTA 2014: Animation ♥ (´◡`)

And which position is your favorite :P?

Mine is all kk (─‿‿─)~

Pairing: Elsa x Anna (Frozen). Artist: Nanami.

Pairing: Elsa x Anna (Frozen).
Artist: Nanami.

Do You Like Warm Hugs?

I know they’re sisters, but since I’m drowning by this guilty ship sisterly-love.

The “incest” word is literally disappeared in my dictionary (▰˘◡˘▰).

*singing Do You Want To Build A Snowman?*


Pairing: Elsa x Anna (Frozen)
Artist: Ang Quan

ElsAnna, ElsAnna Everywhere~

Well, it looks like I’m being a hardcore-crazy fans of ElsAnna aka ICEst couple of Walt Disney’s Frozen (Movie) (▰˘◡˘▰)~

It’s Disney’s fault for making a super-duper cute sisterly-love in this truly Yuri year :”>.

I also heard that Disney want to make a Frozen sequel, and Elsa may be the first QUEER QUEEN ever for LGBT icon in Disney’s word (っ≧▽≦)っ

If this news comes true, I’m gonna die die die die in happiness kkk~

Pairing: ElsaxAnn(Frozen) Artist: Ban (Pixiv id 901571)

Pairing: ElsaxAnna (Frozen)
Artist: Ban (Pixiv id 901571)