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[Saki] Super Cute After All (FuD)

The title says all (´◡`)

Art: FuD

Trans: Moonspeaker (Danbooru Fairies)


Yuri Collections 10

All of my fav pairings are here~ Yay~

Pairing: Toki x Ryuuka

Pairing: Toki x Ryuuka

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ElsAnna x Harry Potter~

Art: Hooreng

Trans: Moonspeaker (Danbooru Fairies)


Frozen: Do You Wanna Be On Top?

I’m not having fun enough with ElsAnna (─‿‿─).

Art: Fuyuu Seibutsu

Trans: fapnote, Deelles, and truesword24 (Danbooru Fairies)

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Can’t Get Enough of ElsAnna!!!

Well, Anna, please give me soundtrack that Elsa singing while bathing, pleaseeeeee =]]~

Art by ゆち.

Trans by fapnote (Danbooru Fairies)

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Congraz, ElsAnna ♥!!!

Congraz, Frozen and ElsAnna won BAFTA 2014: Animation ♥ (´◡`)

And which position is your favorite :P?

Mine is all kk (─‿‿─)~

Pairing: Elsa x Anna (Frozen). Artist: Nanami.

Pairing: Elsa x Anna (Frozen).
Artist: Nanami.

[Touhou] Girls x Marriage (kikyou32)

My first edited Maribel and Renko doujin. So happy ;~;…

They are just married couple. I’ll wait for the next honeymoon of them hehe~



[K-On] Chocolate, Please! (Shin Yandamushi)

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥♥♥♥

Art & story by Shin Yandamushi.



[Touhou] Marisa x Alice Doujin 3 (Non(z-art))

Long time no see, MariAli♥~

It’s such a nice feeling to read MariAli doujn by Non (z-art) :).



Do You Like Warm Hugs?

I know they’re sisters, but since I’m drowning by this guilty ship sisterly-love.

The “incest” word is literally disappeared in my dictionary (▰˘◡˘▰).

*singing Do You Want To Build A Snowman?*


Pairing: Elsa x Anna (Frozen)
Artist: Ang Quan