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Baby, It’s Cold Outside~

It’s cold. Let’s cuddle tumblr_m9gclhODl61qzckow

Artist: Manzyu (PIXIV ID 929540)
Couple: Yui x Kyouko


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[Yuru Yuri] Bloom, Stay and Watch You (Shin Yandamushi)

I’m back you guys tumblr_inline_mntjpxC2wB1qz4rgp

My hibernation is finally done tumblr_inline_mntjvieDnn1qz4rgp

Let’s see what I have for today 037… Also, thank Mai88 for helping me as always ♥~

Artist: Shin Yandamushi (PIXIV ID 708530)
Couple: Sakurako x Himawari – aka- Tsun~Tsun Couple =]].



Yuri Collections 10

All of my fav pairings are here~ Yay~

Pairing: Toki x Ryuuka

Pairing: Toki x Ryuuka

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[Yuru Yuri♪♪] A Present (Shin Yandamushi)

Honestly, I really want to see Tsun-Tsun couple will act serious lovey-dovey like this one more than those nonchalant/fanservice moments in the anime. Maybe, Sakurako is so baka to realize her feelings for Himawari. They’re still middle school students, aren’t they?

Well, Yuru Yuri season 3 will start in Summer or Fall Anime season, I guess. 

Let’s hope for more yuri moments for both of them.

The art and story by Shin Yandamushi.



[Yuru Yuri] Arrow (shin yandamushi)

I want to taste Himawari’s cakeeeeee (─‿‿─)!!

Art and story by Shin Yandamushi.