Princesses In Love…. (18+!)

It’s such a long time to post a new Yuri (18+) oneshot….

To Mai88, sorry for suddenly disappearing and didn’t send you any of email since new year T_T… I’m kind of busy right now, and don’t know the time for coming back…. I’ll definitely contact with you if I have time, sorry (╥﹏╥) …. Please forgive me!!!

Couple: Aurora x Rapunzel (Disney Princesses)
Artist: kokuchuutei (PIXIV ID 457137)

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"Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as Death, and sweet as Love ♥."

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  1. Oh sorry for noticing this post so lately ;__; I fully understand that you’re very busy, or rather, I already had this kind of idea ;A;
    Write me whenever you feel like it :)

    • Maiii, how are you doing? I miss you so much ^0^. Are you busy, too T___T? University is so stress hic. Ah, did you know that America has legalized same-sex marriage ^^?

      • Aaaahhhh you’re baaack >___<
        glad to know that you're still alive \o/ ;____; yes, university is very stressful for me too D:
        My exams are soon and the heat is killing me here D: tomorrow should be around 35°C and on Saturday 40°C D: and the worst thing is I don't have an air conditioner here D: at least I can stay at home for the next 3 days^^

        Ah yes, my twitter was very colorful last Sunday xD great news :D

        And how're you doing? except leading a very busy life ;A;

        this is weird writing these kind of messages in public lol

      • Haha, no worries, nobody won’t bother to read it ^0^…. I’ve inactivated almost 1 year, so they might forget this site hehe :).

        Is it summer yet in your country? Mine is summer school and working in the summer, lol. My heat is 30*C >___<… The heat is killing me too. In Vietnam it's nearly 50*C TvT….. Scary, huh TvT?

        I'm fine either ^0^… It's so nice to see you again, Mai :D.

      • Lol, I really hope people didn’t forget you :P
        Yes…summer started this week with really hot temperatures x___x
        Oh god right, you’re working besides studying…this sounds so stressful :(
        I really don’t want to do anything in this heat except sleeping or eating ice cream :/ ah but it’s even hotter in Vietnam as you already said, so I shouldn’t complain :P also, I wanted to fly to Vietnam in September after my exams :D I hope it’ll be less colder than it is now D:

        Yeah, I already missed you :P I’m glad you had a bit of time replying to me :) I’m sorry again for not having seen the post, it got drown in my wordpress reader somehow T_T well then, I’m trying to go to sleep in this heat now, was nice to see that you’re alive :D

      • I hope they will forget me because I’ve lots of delay projects that untranslated and unedited =))…

        Wait a minute, you’ll fly to Vietnam O___O… Wow, where will you travel in the Vietnam? South or North ^0^???? South is really hot, but North might be cold (I guess so :D)

        For me, I’ve been drowning in a thousand of yahoo mails… TvT…. I’m so scared to check mail now *wipe tears*

        We can chat in here, it’s fast and convenient hehe ^0^.

      • Oh no D: That’s totally ok if you couldn’t finish anything in the last months! Real life has more priority! >_<

        Yeah xD It's a shame that I can't enter the Japanese course of my university due to my abscence here since I have to take a short entrance exam (because it's the little bit more advance course, so you need to proof that you know a bit Japanese) and the dates of the exams are when I'm in Vietnam ;__;
        I already asked them if it's possible to take the exam when I'm back in Germany, but they said it's not :(

        We'll fly first to Hanoi to visit some relatives, but then we'll fly to Saigon and then to Nha Trang to enjoy our holidays at the beach \o/ so both, North and South xD yeah, South is really hot, but at least we'll be at the beach :3 :3

        Oh no D: What if you might have missed something important in your yahoo mails ;__; or your mail account is already full of spam?! D:

        Oh ok^^ if you don't mind :P today I want to be productive and study for my exams lol, but this heat is killing me…I can't concentrate… orz

      • So you don’t study Japanese course O.O??? Oh no, you’re really good at Japanese ><… So do you plan to study for next year?

        Haha, Nha Trang beach is really beautiful, but the food in Vietnam might be expensive, be prepared for your wallet. And when you come to supermarket or anywhere else, just don't speak English or German, they will take your money @@.

        I know right, so I'm planning to change the mail to gmail XD. But still lazy and… nah, no worries, I don't usually use mail to contact to someone ^^.

      • Well I planned to to improve my speaking skills xD but well, self-studying is relaxing too, and I found some friends I can ask about Japanese grammar and correctness, so it’s not a big deal :D
        But I’ve considered spending my semester abroad next year in Tokyo :) still have to safe much money for the tickets and everything else though ;__;
        Ah, I’ve heard about this D: my mother told me about not fixed prices…they’re more expensive for foreigners (I’m considering myself as a foreigner, except my appearance lol) than for local people D: but my uncle and aunt will go with us, so I’m not scared of anything xD

        lol, I have 3 mail accounts, so spam usually goes to my spam account xD
        oh, I see :D oh it’s weekend~ how nice *-* are you working on the weekend too btw? :o

      • You go to abroad by yourself O.O? Woa, you’re so amazing, Mai XD. In my school, we have the program Semester at Sea that the students can go abroad through 150 countries to study instead of studying at school. The tuition is really expensive ^.^

        Good for you, I hope you will have a good time :D. Ah, about the email, I usually forget the password so,… well T-T….

        I’m working on the weekend too XD. I have to work 12 hours from Mon – Fri, only Saturday 8 hours, and I can rest on the Sunday hehe :D.

      • Whaa I’m not really amazing xD it’s obligatory, so I have to go :P (unless i have a specific reason why I shouldn’t)
        To be honest, I still don’t know what I should expect, and I’m a bit afraid of living alone far away from home in a strange and unknown country…but maybe I can overcome my shyness and such with this semester abroad xD
        Anyways, I think you’re far more amazing! You’re a really hard worker and very diligent! I could never do so much as I’m very lazy :D currently only slacking off besides studying for my exams lol
        Oh lol, I know that feel when you forget your password because you usually have saved it T_T
        your work schedule sounds really hard D: I wish we were all rich and don’t have to work anymore xD and don’t have to worry about money too >__>

      • Haha, we’re both amazing in the way we do keke~ I’m scared of living alone, too; plus, I don’t need any reason to live alone ^.^

        Nah, it’s because I don’t study in summer, I have to work instead ^^

        Working is stress, but it’s fun and lots of things to learn, more importantly, we get money when we work haha =)).

      • yeah that’s true^^ nah I’m not working but get money anyway (from the state) :P
        Yep, I’m scared to be so far away from my parents T_T they’ve been all years long next to me, and now I should suddenly turn into an adult lol (I’m mentally still a child :P)
        Ah I see, but working takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? D: I gladly still have two months holidays, and I really want to work on some Doujinshi soon xD (after my exams)

      • *oh typo…I can’t find the edit button orz…I meant less hotter of course, less colder would be horrible x_x

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