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Yuri Collections 13

One more week and summer is coming soooon ≧V≦


  • Artist: iiioookkkaaa

Couple: Mokou & Keine

Couple: Mokou & Keine


Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia




































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[Strike Witches] Good Morning (Kisetsu)

What a bloody morning, Shirley *wink wink*

P.S: Happy for 100th post in WP ♥

Art: Kisetsu (PIXIV ID 317823)

Trans: Solamarle (Danbooru Fairy)



Yuri Collections 11

Happy Yuri weekend ♥~

Anime: Kill Me Baby!

Pairing: Sonya x Yasuna

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[Strike Witches] Eila and Sanya (Tamagogogo)

It looks like I’m obsessed with Eilanya, again & again~

And yeah, crying-Sanya is so cute that hurt my eyes ( ̄▽ ̄)

Art: Tamagogogo

Trans: Befgrek



[Strike Witches – Eilanya] After Episode 11 (Kutsuwada On)

Seriously, after reading the SW news on The G-Empire’s Blog, I just can’t stop smiling like an idiot O(≧▽≦)O~

Also, I hope Eilanya will have more screen-time on the OVA. I miss them so much, can’t wait, yah~!

Art: Kutsuwada On

Trans: Befgrek




Yuri Collections 7

Joy to all the Yuri fans around the world :). 

Have a very great Christmas everyone ♥~

1996401 11690539 2519259 501JFW Merry Xmas

Yuri Collections 4

We have a special guest for today ^^:


Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum (Bubbline couple) from Cartoon Network

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[Strike Witches] Present (kinniku tarou)

Happy Thanksgiving♥ JFW 501st has a present for you guys. TAKE ITTTT =]]!!!



[Strike Witches – GertrudxErica] Just One Last Time (bai lao shu) (First Part)

This time, we will have a series about life-love-story of Gertrud and Erica from bai lao shu.

Part 1:  Just One Last Time

Part 2: Awakening  (Currently looking for a Chinese translator)

Final Part: A Little of Your Time (Which is edited by Yuri Reviews)

P.S: This series is also a sequel for the doujin Resonance ^^!




[Strike Witches – GertrudxErica] Untitled (bai lao shu)

Aww… so sweet… my blood just turned into sugar… I thought I had diabetes now ┐( ̄▽ ̄)┌ ~

Yuri NSFW is the best .. oops :”> *teehee*. Enjoy! Gotta watch Strike Witches again and again ( ´ ▽ ` ).