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Frozen: Anna’s Wish…

;_;… My feels…


Artist: モリハ (Pixiv ID 8372778)
Pairing: Elsa x Anna

[Love Live!] The Flower Garden of Glass =Lily Notes= (Sosa)

This is a collaboration project between Mai88 and Yuri in Wonderland ♥

Also, Mai88 translated another video version for this doujin. You can watch it in HERE! ´◡`

Thank Mai and her friends for this nice project. They did a very good job! I’m really appreciated ♥♥~

Ah~ I’m ready for Love Live! season 2 :). Can’t wait for Spring Season kk~

Translation: Mai88, arkrosse
Editing: Cheshire Cat
Permission: 小使 (Pixiv ID 115965)


Stop what~ Hanayo-san =]]?


[Touhou – MariAli] Beastly Me and Beautiful You (Aria)

Well, duh, yah! I’m back with Marisa and Alice doujin ♥♥ (─‿‿─)

Yeah, a “Beauty and the Beast” AliMari version. Woohoo~

Art: Aria

Trans: Moonspeaker, rantuyetmai (Danbooru Fairies)




Yuri Collections 11

Happy Yuri weekend ♥~

Anime: Kill Me Baby!

Pairing: Sonya x Yasuna

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[Strike Witches] Eila and Sanya (Tamagogogo)

It looks like I’m obsessed with Eilanya, again & again~

And yeah, crying-Sanya is so cute that hurt my eyes ( ̄▽ ̄)

Art: Tamagogogo

Trans: Befgrek



[Strike Witches – Eilanya] After Episode 11 (Kutsuwada On)

Seriously, after reading the SW news on The G-Empire’s Blog, I just can’t stop smiling like an idiot O(≧▽≦)O~

Also, I hope Eilanya will have more screen-time on the OVA. I miss them so much, can’t wait, yah~!

Art: Kutsuwada On

Trans: Befgrek




[T-DRAMA] Ordinary Love: Siyao♥Xiaoting a.k.a YaoTing

This 2014 year….

The U.S. has ElsAnna

Japan has Sakura Trick

And… Taiwan has this super-duper beautiful couple: YaoTing


Xiaoting (L) & Siyao (R)

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[Touhou] Marisa x Alice Doujin 5 (Non(z-art))

Last week, I’ve asked Non if I can edit his works to English version, and he gave me permission :).

If you guys are interested in this cute art, please take time to support him by visiting or following his blog at: Pixiv id 508759 or Blog :D.

Original author: Team Shanghai Alice

Also, thanks Danbooru Fairies for the translating xD.