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We Wish You A Merry Yuri Christmas ♥

It’s been a great year tumblr_m9gcr4ZOvq1qzckow

I’m so happy. 2014 is such a good year for Yuri.

Now it’s time to move on to 2015.


Artist: Pas (PIXIV ID 2643243)
Couple: EliNozo, NicoMaki


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Happy Thanksgiving ♥

It’s almost the end of the year… 

What are you guys thankful for ^^?

Aritst: Ooshima Tomo (PIXIV ID 3909996) Couple: Rin x HanayoAritst: Ooshima Tomo (PIXIV ID 3909996)    Couple: Rin x Hanayo

Love Live! Collection 1 [18+!]

I regret nothing…. huhu

Oh my guilty pleasure~


Artist: アシトリス Couple: TsubasaxHonokaxKotori

Artist: アシトリス
Couple: TsubasaxHonokaxKotori


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[Love Live! – NozoEri] Secret Flower Garden (みそ)

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good..."
-For Good (Wicked)-

Somehow, this song reminds me of Eri and Nozomi relationship,
especially how Nozomi’s feelings towards Eri in the ep 8 of 2nd season.

And yes, because Nozomi loves Eri, she has been changed for good, for both of them :].

My thanks to Mai88 for the translation ♥

Art: みそ(PIXIV ID 3099294)
Couple: Eri x Nozomi



Yuri Collections 13

One more week and summer is coming soooon ≧V≦


  • Artist: iiioookkkaaa

Couple: Mokou & Keine

Couple: Mokou & Keine


Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia




































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(C85) [Love Live!] In Spring, In Summer, In Autumn, In Winter. Always With You! [Waterfall (嵩乃朔)] – 18+!

June is coming soon… and somehow, I named the June as “Graduation Month” aka “Heartbreaking Month!”

Thanks Mai88, Lena K. (Yurireviews), and Emer (Yurihouse) for translation, QC, and the HQ raw as always ;).

Anyway, it has been a long time since I edited the last R18 doujinshi… so I need a medic now!!!!

P.S: Help me! I’m so hopelessly in love with EriNozomi ;A;





[Love Live! 2] Erichi Keeps a Tanuki at Her Home! [Waterfall乃朔)]

It’s time for final exams, and here I am reading this super-duper cute Non-tan with Eri-mama O(≧▽≦)O!!!

Honestly, I really love Waterfall’s works. Smooth and cute as always ♥

Thanks Mai88 and Lena K. (Yuri Reviews) for the translation and QC (≧◡≦)

P.S: Thanks Yurihouse for the raws ^~^



[Love Live!] Makipana (amkt提督)

Suddenly, I find that Maki and Hanayo make such a cute couple (≧◡≦)

Viva for Maki’s harem (≧▽≦)~

P.S: Makipana was named for MakixHanayo couple!

Art: amkt提督 (PIXIV ID 901164)

Trans: Mai88



[Love Live!] The Flower Garden of Glass =Lily Notes= (Sosa)

This is a collaboration project between Mai88 and Yuri in Wonderland ♥

Also, Mai88 translated another video version for this doujin. You can watch it in HERE! ´◡`

Thank Mai and her friends for this nice project. They did a very good job! I’m really appreciated ♥♥~

Ah~ I’m ready for Love Live! season 2 :). Can’t wait for Spring Season kk~

Translation: Mai88, arkrosse
Editing: Cheshire Cat
Permission: 小使 (Pixiv ID 115965)


Stop what~ Hanayo-san =]]?


Yuri Collections 9 – 18+

I’m in good mood tonight (▰˘◡˘▰)

I wish I’m always in good mood, so my blog will be full of 18+ ahahaha ┐( ̄▽ ̄)┌  *j/k*

Pairing: Maria x Her Crush Artist:

Pairing: Maria x Her Crush

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