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[Kantai Collection – AkaGa] Midnight (Kisetsu)

“Kaga notices a sleeping Akagi, and decides to speak out loud her feelings about Akagi…”

Art: Kisetsu (PIXIV ID 317823)
Couple: Akagi x Kaga

Thanks Danbooru Fairies for the translation ♥



[Lyrical Nanoha] NanoFate (あお)

A short andsweet story about NanoFate.

Thank Mai88 for the translation ♥♥

Art: あお (PIXIV ID 1169475)
Couple: Nanoha x Fate



“I love your hands…” – 18+!

After watching World Cup with my family, I accidentally found these Elsanna [R18] strips on Danbooru.

I really burst out laughing when read these strips. I’m laughing not because it’s funny, but because it’s deeply right in my feels, indeed.

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[Touhou – MeiSaku] Goodbye Triangle (Kurau Kii)

It’s kind of heart-warming, indeed.

Art: Kurau Kii (PIXIV ID 175323)
Couple: Meiling x Sakuya



[Love Live! – NozoEri] Secret Flower Garden (みそ)

"Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good..."
-For Good (Wicked)-

Somehow, this song reminds me of Eri and Nozomi relationship,
especially how Nozomi’s feelings towards Eri in the ep 8 of 2nd season.

And yes, because Nozomi loves Eri, she has been changed for good, for both of them :].

My thanks to Mai88 for the translation ♥

Art: みそ(PIXIV ID 3099294)
Couple: Eri x Nozomi



[Touhou – MariAli] I Can’t Wait, Marisa [non (z-art)]

Happy 110th releases O(≧▽≦)O!!!!

Let’s celebrate this special post with MariAli couple ♥

A special thank to Danbooru Fairies for the translation (─‿‿─)

Art: Non [z-art] (PIXIV ID 508759)
Couple: Marisa x Alice

P.S: You can visit Non’s site at this blog to see more of cute MariAli stuffs ♥



[Touhou – MeiSaku] Sweets (hatiaka)

I feel you, Remi and Patchi, lol :)).

Anw, thanks Mai88 for the translation and Moonspeaker (Danbooru Fairy) for QC ♥

Art: Hatiaka (PIXIV ID 6116044)
Couple: Meiling x Sakuya



[Touhou – MariAli] Her and Her Dolls (aria)

Looks like someone is head over heels with Alice ;))…

Art: Aria (PIXIV ID 470986)
Couple: Alice x Shanghai (?)



[SKE48] J-tan to R-chan (munta)

A cute idols doujin for weekend ^^!!!

Art: Munta (PIXIV ID 4837282)
Couple: Jurina x Rena (SKE48)