Yuri Collections 11

Happy Yuri weekend ♥~

Anime: Kill Me Baby!

Pairing: Sonya x Yasuna


Artist: Komaki


Artist: Toutouhai


Artist: Aoshima


Artist: Aoshima



Artist: Seki (Red Shine)
Pairing: Meiling x Sakuya


Artist: Shunichi (kira2afro)
Pairing: Eila x Sanya


Artist: Tenkomori (nirastrator)
Pairing: Akane x Miyuki

Artist: Kagekichirou  Pairing: Ritsu x Mio

Artist: Kagekichirou Pairing: Ritsu x Mio


Artist: Sakuraba Yuuki (Personal Color)
Pairing: Marisa x Alice

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  1. comic id=4105755 “It’s punished by the fist of justice”, shouldnt it be “punishment”?

  2. comic id=26926335_big_p7 “today you had a lot of bad luck, but tomorrow will definitely be happy. I guarantee it!” that sentence sounds off. maybe “but tomorrow you will definitely be happy.” or “but tomorrow will definitely be better.” I am not sure.

  3. I can’t get enough Yuri Me Baby! I just love it!!

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