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Yuri Collections 13

One more week and summer is coming soooon ≧V≦


  • Artist: iiioookkkaaa

Couple: Mokou & Keine

Couple: Mokou & Keine


Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Meiling & Sakura

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia

Couple: Wriggle & Mystia




































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[Touhou – MeiSaku] Always with You [norisuke (kuranori)]

I had an uneasy feeling while editing this doujin ;___;….

I guess I cannot bear with Yuri depressing doujins, especially when it has characters die ;__;…

Anyway, thanks Mai88 for helping me about half-translated and QC :).

Art: Norisuke (kuranori)

Trans: Danbooru Fairies, Mai88



Yuri Collections 12

My gifts for my good friend – Mai88. Happy birthday ^0^ ♥~

Artist: らむ Pairing: MarisaxAlice

Artist: らむ
Pairing: MarisaxAlice

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[Touhou – MariAli] Beastly Me and Beautiful You (Aria)

Well, duh, yah! I’m back with Marisa and Alice doujin ♥♥ (─‿‿─)

Yeah, a “Beauty and the Beast” AliMari version. Woohoo~

Art: Aria

Trans: Moonspeaker, rantuyetmai (Danbooru Fairies)




Yuri Collections 11

Happy Yuri weekend ♥~

Anime: Kill Me Baby!

Pairing: Sonya x Yasuna

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[Touhou] Marisa x Alice Doujin 5 (Non(z-art))

Last week, I’ve asked Non if I can edit his works to English version, and he gave me permission :).

If you guys are interested in this cute art, please take time to support him by visiting or following his blog at: Pixiv id 508759 or Blog :D.

Original author: Team Shanghai Alice

Also, thanks Danbooru Fairies for the translating xD.



Yuri Collections 10

All of my fav pairings are here~ Yay~

Pairing: Toki x Ryuuka

Pairing: Toki x Ryuuka

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[Touhou] Girls x Marriage (kikyou32)

My first edited Maribel and Renko doujin. So happy ;~;…

They are just married couple. I’ll wait for the next honeymoon of them hehe~



[Touhou] Marisa x Alice Doujin 3 (Non(z-art))

Long time no see, MariAli♥~

It’s such a nice feeling to read MariAli doujn by Non (z-art) :).



Yuri Collections 9 – 18+

I’m in good mood tonight (▰˘◡˘▰)

I wish I’m always in good mood, so my blog will be full of 18+ ahahaha ┐( ̄▽ ̄)┌  *j/k*

Pairing: Maria x Her Crush Artist:

Pairing: Maria x Her Crush

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