My Post Knew What You Did In The Dark!

Caught you, Marisaaa, ze~ 58

Aritst: Non-Z (PIXIV ID 508759) Couple: Marisa x Alice

Aritst: Non-Z (PIXIV ID 508759)
Couple: Marisa x Alice


Ah… hahaha….haha♥ Hahaha… ah~ 4

I saw what you did there, Alice 00000

Cute Shanghai, cuteness overload 14

Aritst: Non-Z (PIXIV ID 508759) Couple: Marisa x Alice



They say it’s A Fool’s Paradise, we say We’re on Cloud Nines!

Artist: Aya Shachou Couple: Maribel x Renko

Artist: Aya Shachou
Couple: Maribel x Renko

[Yuru Yuri] Bloom, Stay and Watch You (Shin Yandamushi)

I’m back you guys tumblr_inline_mntjpxC2wB1qz4rgp

My hibernation is finally done tumblr_inline_mntjvieDnn1qz4rgp

Let’s see what I have for today 037… Also, thank Mai88 for helping me as always ♥~

Artist: Shin Yandamushi (PIXIV ID 708530)
Couple: Sakurako x Himawari – aka- Tsun~Tsun Couple =]].



[Touhou – MokouKeine] Kiss-Kiss Festival (mif)

Long time no see you guys, and I hope you might like my new background for this blog uong2!!!

This month, I’ll begin with my new fav couple: Mokou & Keine.

I guess this is my first time for doing the first non-angst MokouKeine doujin ever, isn’t it?! Well…

As always, thanks Mai88 and Yuri Reviews for the translation and QC :).

Artist: mif (PIXIV ID 423993)
Couple: Mokou x Keine


Elsanna Vampire is the Hottest – 18+!

…And it looks like I’m in love with my sins 037

Who can resist Elsanna’s charm?

Warning not warning ┐( ̄▽ ̄)┌!!!

Art: くそつむ (PIXIV ID 457137)
Couple: Elsa x Anna (Frozen Disney)

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Love Live! Collection 1 [18+!]

I regret nothing…. huhu

Oh my guilty pleasure~


Artist: アシトリス Couple: TsubasaxHonokaxKotori

Artist: アシトリス
Couple: TsubasaxHonokaxKotori


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[Kantai Collection – AkaGa] Midnight (Kisetsu)

“Kaga notices a sleeping Akagi, and decides to speak out loud her feelings about Akagi…”

Art: Kisetsu (PIXIV ID 317823)
Couple: Akagi x Kaga

Thanks Danbooru Fairies for the translation ♥



[Lyrical Nanoha] NanoFate (あお)

A short andsweet story about NanoFate.

Thank Mai88 for the translation ♥♥

Art: あお (PIXIV ID 1169475)
Couple: Nanoha x Fate



“I love your hands…” – 18+!

After watching World Cup with my family, I accidentally found these Elsanna [R18] strips on Danbooru.

I really burst out laughing when read these strips. I’m laughing not because it’s funny, but because it’s deeply right in my feels, indeed.

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