More Than A Classic…

“What you call sin, I call the great spirit of love, which takes a thousand forms.”

-Fräulein von Bernburg-


What could be more interesting among movie genre? A classic movie.

What could be more beautiful than a classic movie? Girls’ Love classic movies.

Lately, I’ve found an old, beautiful, and classic Girls’ Love movie from Germany :).

 Mädchen in Uniform (1930 & 1958).

Personally, I love both 1930 and 1958 version. For 1930, the movie is white-black screening, and the acting is a little bit faster, but never mind, still a great movie. It started with Manuela von Meinhardis (Hertha Thiele) came to an all-girls school like her mother used to. In this school, Manuela met and made friends with Erika, Ilse, Marga, etc. They also warned Manuela that she might be falling in love with Ms. Fräulein von Bernburg (Dorothea Wieck) aka their homeroom teacher. And what happened? Manuela truly fell in love with Ms. Bernburg. They also kissed each other, in secret.


Manuela: I don’t know why I’m crying… I just feel like crying sometimes. 
Ms. Berg: You don’t know why… or is it something you can’t trust me with?
Manuela: I can trust you with everything, but it’s difficult to say. […] When you say goodnight and leave, and shut the door to your room… I want to get up and come to you, but I know that I can’t… I think about when I leave the school, and you’ll still be here… And every night you kiss new girls…
Ms. Berg: What a silly idea!
Manuela: I love you so, but you’re always so distant.
Ms. Berg: You know I can’t make exceptions or other girls will be jealous. But I think of you often, Manuela!
Manuela: *smile happily*

My reaction when seeing this kiss scene: O______O… OMG! They did kiss *fangirl screaming*…. How brave they were!!!! Admittedly, about 1930 version, I’m only adoring Ms. Bernburg 09 Why not? Her acting, her beauty, and especially, her smile XD. If I’m Manuela, I’ll absolutely fall in love with her, too 09.

madchenThat’s all for 1930 version. Now, let’s talk about 1958 version. My favorite movie all the time! Madchen In Uniform (1958) was called as a re-make for 1930, but in my mind, it’s more than a remake (good storyline plus the interaction of the characters). The movie was not only focus on how Manuela fell in love with Ms. Bernburg, but also portray the friendship, loveship from other students in school. Manuela von Meinhardis (Romy Schneider) and Elisabeth von Bernburg (Lilli Palmer) were so excellent in their roles in this film. One more thing, Romy & Lilli both dated in real life after this film 09.


Also, what makes me love Madchen in Uniform (1958) is those supporting casts. The girls. Indeed, the girls are in love, with each other. Writing love letters, drawing a portrait and giving it to their beloved ones. What could be more romantic than Girls’ Love? Even after graduating, all of them have to marry a soldier and be a good wife. Ptf~ whatever, who cares about discipline and soldier? Long live Girls’ Love 09. Thanks to my friends for sharing this wonderful classic movie and Germany, for making this historic LGBT movie.

Bonus, some cute moments in the film ♥:




For those who want to watch online:

Madchen in Uniform (1930)

Madchen in Uniform (1958)


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  1. “One more thing, Romy & Lilli both dated in real life after this film” – ok, this is new to me. :D Where did you read that? And greetings from germany. :3

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