“I love your hands…” – 18+!

After watching World Cup with my family, I accidentally found these Elsanna [R18] strips on Danbooru.

I really burst out laughing when read these strips. I’m laughing not because it’s funny, but because it’s deeply right in my feels, indeed.

My friend used to ask me why I love Yuri? It’s not fun because the girls couldn’t be pleased with only two fingers, he said.

It might not be fun for him, but it’s important to me, and might be to all of Yuri girls.

And my answer? Yeah, read this strips, and you will realize what makes Yuri special among those any kind of relationship.

It’s simple.

Art: Murai Shinobu (PIXIV ID 91989)
Couple: Elsa x Anna
Thanks to Danbooru Fairies for the translation ♥



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