[T-DRAMA] Ordinary Love: Siyao♥Xiaoting a.k.a YaoTing

This 2014 year….

The U.S. has ElsAnna

Japan has Sakura Trick

And… Taiwan has this super-duper beautiful couple: YaoTing


Xiaoting (L) & Siyao (R)

Have I ever told you guys that this 2014 year is such a successful year for Girls’ Love and Yuri/Shoujo-Ai xD? Honestly, I don’t like to watch a long drama with chessy script and ridiculous characters, and yeah, this T-Drama is one kind of it =]]. Forget it, the point is, WE HAVE OUR FIRST LESBIAN COUPLE IN ASIAN DRAMA ~ WOOHOO ~ WHAT A HUGE STEP FOR DRAMA GENRE (≧◡≦). *fangirl screaming*

For some reason, I’ve madly  fallen in love with this cute couple. They truly love each other, and they have to face with social pressure, reputation, and third-person, and lots of bad things may happen for two girls in love. They’re adults. They have their own children. And they were even lost faith in love, but happily, they found it again ♥. Trust me, both of two actors are very good acting. You can see love in their eyes throughout drama. The way they smile and eye-contact… Gosh, I melt like Olaf melts for summer kk~

No wonder why everyone loves YaoTing couple even the elderly people. I hope we will see more GL dramas in the future, especially in Asian area :”>. Surprisingly, they were even appearing in AfterEllen which is known as Famous Lesbian Western Website. The Western people love Yaoting, too :”>. Read more at “Taiwan has a lesbian couple on “Ordinary Love”.

If you desire to see a real-life lesbian couple in Asian drama, I’ll recommend this drama.

For those who wants to watch, please visit and support two YTB channels: kncpuwx & wao yu (they have engsub for some ep)

For those who want to understand more about this couple, please visit and support two FB fanpages: Loveyaoting & Rainorshin2014

I’m gonna tease you guys more with some lovey-dovey and warm pics of Yaoting O(≧▽≦)O



Bathing massage *nosebleeding*

Bathing massage *nosebleeding*

Taking care in bed (LOL) ... Don't high your hope too much :))

Taking care in bed (in dream) *LOL*

Hope you guys will enjoy a new taste of GL drama :”>

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