Have You Ever Seen RWBY♥?

How could I forget this, this RWBY fandom in my Yuri Map *^*?

For those who doesn’t know what RWBY mean xD: RWBY Wiki.

Trust me, they’re so much more together xD. America did the best to bring most of Yuri cool characters out there.

After Frozen, I will take time to find what I’ve missed for years in America. Maybe Wicked The Musical (GlindaxElphaba)…

Who knows ^^?

Pairings: RubyxWeiss, YangxBlake
Artist: Kuma (Pixiv ID 4068468)

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  1. It is indeed a good show and it is fun hooking up the main quartet with each other. Ruby X Weiss is clearly the best one because I don’t see Blake X Yang working yet. Maybe during the second season.

    • Ruby and Weiss are really strong for yuri, indeed :”>, especially Weiss, tsundere only for Ruby kk~ Blake and Yang are somehow too adult manners, they don’t flirt or express their feelings towards each other clearly ^^. Yeah just wait for second season, maybe we will see more Blake and Yang moments xD.

      • Are you kidding me XD Blake and yang gave each other bedroom eyes in every episode when they first partnered up. It was actually hilarious, they hardly spoke but they smirked and smiled at each other CONSTANTLY like they had some inside joke going on.
        We definitely need development with those two though.

      • Agree, Blake and Yang are mature than Ruby and Weiss. I will say, they are more likely a “wife and husband” couple *And Yang is definitely the husband* :”>.

      • That sounds really cute, I can also see it in reverse with Blake being the husband. It’s kind of funny how even though Weiss is the same age as Yang and Blake she feels just as immature as Ruby and it’s probably because she doesn’t know exactly how to handle certain situations.

      • Haha, sometimes I just forgot that Weiss is the same age as Yang and Blake ;).

      • I know, right xD? Also, I’m glad that RWBY is getting more attention to everyone :”>. I can’t wait to see more doujin from the fandom keke~

      • There is already a lot of fanart and small comics on Tumblr you’d be amazed UwU~

      • Really OoO? I have a tumblr blog, but just use a little bit time for it. Maybe I should check something interesting in there xD.

      • Omg totally the RWBY fandom on tumblr is crazy and overflowing with yuri :D and just general awesomeness because there are some really great artists and they’re all really nice people too >w<

      • Hahha, and it seems like fandom like Yang being a “passive partner” and Blake being an “active partner” XD. And some like Weiss and Yang, Ruby and Blake. Interesting xD!

      • Yeah there are so many pairings and so many ideas, I have to say one of my favorite alternative pairings is Blake and Weiss. It’s interesting to think how all the different pairings would interact UwU

      • *shh* Me too, kk :”>. I like to pairing them, so it doesn’t matter to me if it has to be particularly RubyxWeiss or BlakexYang :”>. I think in Tumblr, I’ve seen one artist that like Weiss and Yang couple, hm, her name is Dashing Ice Cream… maybe… and her arts are super beautiful xD.

      • Oh some really awesome people on tumblr are Funblade, Amipai, Xuunies, and Weissrabbit you should totally check those people out.

        I think my default pairings right now are just how the teams are they’re cute as they are in the show.
        I need to draw more RWBY fanart ;w; I always just do doodles of Weiss XD

      • Oh, I followed Weissrabbit xD :3. I will definitely check them out xD. Aw, I hope I won’t miss anything special in their blog kk~

        Ah, I see, I hope you can find inspiration in drawing RWBY while reading their doujins or oneshot ^0^.

      • They post a lot usually so you won’t miss much.

        Thanks a bunch I’ll keep trying >w<

      • It’s so fun to tumblr blog by blog keke~

        You’re welcome xD. Keep doing what you like ^^.

    • Do you remember when Yang got hit (Episode 4)? Only Blake yell, only she worries for her. Althought Ruby know Yang ability, that hit is sure hurt. Why only Blake care for Yang? And the first time they meet, they support each other very well don’t you see? (I think the best pair of test)

  2. I am troubled there is not enough MamixNagisa comics, we need to fix this

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