WP hates me ;_;…

I have no idea why my comments won’t appear in others WP blogs ;____;……

WP hates me, ahhh ;___;???

Argh, so annoying T_T…..

Does somebody know the problem ;(?

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  1. did you choose the function: “use WordPress account”? Because I can’t comment if I choose it while commenting on blogspot, so I have to choose “use Name+Website” (or sth like this, can’t remember the exact title). or is it sth different?

    • I chose my direct link and name, somehow they appear immediately. My comments still appears, but not now, maybe 2-3 days, they will appear ;__;. I don’t know why….

      • Haha^^ I think I know your problem ;) it’s quite normal, I guess. The fact is that some/most blog owners have to approve the comments made by other people to prevent spam. In your case I think the blog owner just didn’t came online for several days, so that he/she couldn’t approve it at once. So the solution is just be patient ;)

      • Yeah, I hope so, and thanks for your advice xD. I don’t put the “approve comment option”, so I don’t know it may takes long time to appear the comment kk ^^~

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