ElsAnna, ElsAnna Everywhere~

Well, it looks like I’m being a hardcore-crazy fans of ElsAnna aka ICEst couple of Walt Disney’s Frozen (Movie) (▰˘◡˘▰)~

It’s Disney’s fault for making a super-duper cute sisterly-love in this truly Yuri year :”>.

I also heard that Disney want to make a Frozen sequel, and Elsa may be the first QUEER QUEEN ever for LGBT icon in Disney’s word (っ≧▽≦)っ

If this news comes true, I’m gonna die die die die in happiness kkk~

Pairing: ElsaxAnn(Frozen) Artist: Ban (Pixiv id 901571)

Pairing: ElsaxAnna (Frozen)
Artist: Ban (Pixiv id 901571)

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  1. I hope to watch Frozen ASAP to learn the secret of Elsanna.

  2. TeruMoko♥

    Sweet, cute, beautiful!

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