Am I Dreaming?

As far I know, Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 3: Rebellion has been nominated for 86th Academy Awards in Best Animated Feature branch. 

At Thursday, January 16, 2014, the official nominations will be announced at 5:30 a.m. PST (13:30 UTC) (8:30 a.m. EST) at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater

I know the chance for PMMM is very weak, but I hope they will win ;).

For those who want to know more info, here you go: 86th Academy Awards or The Oscars 2014.

150980_631666806903731_1029593320_nP.S: PMMM is only nominated for BEST ANIMATED FEATURE. Those list nominations below is just for fun by fandom xD.

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  1. If Madoka Rebellion does win, and most of us know it has slim chances of doing so, it would be historic.

  2. Sad news, PMMM wasn’t chosen for nominated ;_;… What a waste….

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