Touhou Yuri Collections 6

First time for YukarixMarisa (they are the most unlikely couple I’ve ever seen ^^):


Next is for Alice’s harem:

3b73ab8928b8cca73fea0049ca278b8310998631 84be3936e8a4f16e3c3ecc7297942ffd 8492fa55ad45d92fd38c9a6169e16c47 eccc83fe37ee3d1fc3e1255515a83330 4320519 4479131


4565504 4592281 554ab75f45b4d9e1d0772beb8a141c45

Have fun ^0^~

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  1. damn, they are all cute.

  2. I was wondering if you were interested in editing and typesetting these?

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