[Strike Witches – Erica x Gertrud] Unrequited Love (tsuta no ha)

Strike Witches - Erica x Gertrud Unrequited Love (tsuta no ha)

A doujinshi about an unrequited love in Strike Witches 501st JFW – Erica Hartmann and Gertrud Barkhorn.

I love the artist’s style: very pure and a little bit sad… They are also my 2nd fav couple in this anime xD.

Updated fixing grammar. Thank mutopis :).

p1: Incident –> Indecent.

p10: Consoiling –> Consoling.

Here is the link download: Unrequited Love 

Trans by Danbooru Fairies.

Edit by Yuri In Wonderland ♥

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  1. Anon of Dinasty


    Not sure how, but I managed to stumble upon your nice little blog tucked away in the corner of the Internet. More danbooru editors popping up in the world? Wonderful! Nice first release too.

    I’m an uploader over at dynasty-scans.com, where we host a reader for yuri manga (…though you probably already knew this?). I’d like to upload Unrequited Love over there, as well as any other Yuri in Wonderland releases in the future that we’re interested in. May I have your permission to do so? You would of course be credited for your work, with a link back to your site. Thanks for your time.


  2. pg 1 says “incident”, shouldnt it be indecent?

  3. Updated fixing :). Thank you for reminding me. I will be more careful next time.

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